Best Paper Award

A Comparison of Behavior Cloning Methods in Developing Interactive Opposing-Force Agents

Logan Lebanoff, Nicholas Paul, Christopher Ballinger, Patrick Sherry, Gavin Carpenter and Charles Newton

Runner Up:

Model Representation Considerations for AI Opponent Development in Combat Games

Sarah Kitchen, Christopher McGroarty and Timothy Aris

Best Student Paper Award

 The Complexity/Accuracy Tradeoff and Group Bias in Machine Learning-Based Trauma Triage Models

Katherine Phillips, Katherine Brown, Steven Talbert and Doug Talbert

Runner Up: 

Comparing Statistical Models for Retrieval based Question-answering Dialogue: BERT vs Relevance Models

Debaditya Pal, Anton Leuski and David Traum

Best Poster Award

Towards binary encoding in Bidirectional Associative Memories 

Thaddé Rolon-Merette, Damiem Rolon- Merette & Sylvain Chartier (University of Ottawa Ontario, Canada School of Psychology)

Douglas D. Dankel II Award

William (Bill) Eberle

For his leadership, contributions and sustained support of the FLAIRS conference started in 2008. He has  contributed significantly to the success of the conference and to the growth of the FLAIRS community. For 11 years (2008-2018), Bill co-chaired the special track in Data Mining. Since 2019, he has been co-chairing the special track in Neural Networks and Data Mining. Bill served as FLAIRS-2013 Special Tracks Chair, asProgram Co-chair for FLAIRS -2014 and FLAIRS-2015 and as Conference Chair for FLAIRS-2016. Bill has  unquestionably brought the FLAIRS conference to the next level.